JKS Adjustable Bumpstop Install

JKS Adjustable Bumpstop Install
October 2006

The following images document the installation of the JKS Adjustable Bumpstops on a 2000 Jeep Wrangler (XJ high pinion Dana 30 front axle).

This axle is obviously not on the vehicle. However, we have done this on the vehicle, and will pretend the axle is installed.

We started by removing the coil spring to expose the top of the coil spring bucket.

We drilled a hole in the center of the bucket.

Image showing drilled hole.

We inserted the bottom bolt w/lock washer from the bottom.

Image showing bolt.

We then screwed the bumpstop to the bolt.

Image showing bolted on bumpstop.

If an additional disc is needed, we would have attached it by threading a bolt through it and into the first disc.

This is what it would look like installed.

Any combination of sizes could have been used. Hardware was included.


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