Mothers Back To Black

Mothers Back To Black
May 2004

The following images document the application of Mothers Back To Black on a 2000 Jeep Wrangler's faded fender flares. The product did temporarily restore the factory-looking dark black color to the fender flares. It's important to note that the result lasted us only a few months.

Our preferred solution is to paint the fender flares with Krylon Fusion. However, if you're interested in this product, feel free to continue to read to see before/after pictures and overall impressions.

This is an image of a Wrangler with faded fender flares. The Jeep is 4 years old at the time of this picture.

Another picture of the faded color.

After applying Mothers Back To Black, the color looks great. However, the product leaves the fenders partially wet with a waxy coating.

Picture of the rear fender before applying the product.

After the product was applied.

Final picture of after applying the product.

Months later, the fenders return to the same faded color. Shown here is the same fender being prepared for a painting. As you can see, we started to scrape a waxy residue off the fender before painting.  We can't be certain that the residue is from Mothers Back To Back though. We ended up painting over it.  Overall, it's more work to paint the fenders, but overall it was the much more effective option for us.


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