Krylon Fusion On Faded Fender Flares

Application of Krylon Fusion on faded fender flares
April 2005

The following images document the application of Krylon Fusion spray paint on the stock fender flares of a 2000 Jeep Wrangler (TJ) in an effort to return the faded color to a stock-looking black.

Krylon Fusion is a spray-paint made specifically to adhere to plastic.

This was the Jeep prior to the process. Note the faded color of the fender flares in comparison to the black front bumper.

The painting was done in a well ventilated area.

The bolts inside each of the fender flare pieces were loosened enough to slide newspaper between the flare and the Jeep body. We chose not to remove the fender flares completely because it's time-intensive to get the fender flare bolts completely on and off because they are in tight areas.

The recessed blinker light housings were then removed. There is one nut holding the blinkers in place.  Once the nuts is removed, the housing can be wiggled free.

Newspaper was positioned between the fender flare and the body. An old blanket was used to shield the wheel well.

Krylon Fusion black spray-paint was applied to all the fender flares.

We did end up removing the front fender flare extensions below the doors because they were easy to remove.

Paint drying.

Removal of news paper guards.

Tightening of fender flare bolts.

Re-installation of fender flare extensions.

Job complete.



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